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Friday, January 6, 2012

The sound of water and winds rushing through my ears..

God is amazing.
He is everywhere...

Have you ever heard the sound of many waters, and seen a sight like the earth shining with His glory? If you have not, don't fret. This can happen to you. I remember laying in bed one night, deep in prayer. Suddenly, the sound of a rushing wind and waves hit my ears, and I practically jumped out of  bed.

Normally I have this constant ringing in my ears. It is quite loud. If anyone out there suffers from tinnitus, they will understand my meaning. This was nothing like that however. This was a great noise, much like when you apply a conch shell to your ears. I began crying, because the sound was not unbearable, or hurtful. Rather, it was incredibly beautiful, and soothing; as if in the distance and yet; 'twas right there. It continued to pulse until it penetrated into my heart in a way that was...indescribable. My heart began to beat quite loudly, as I realized it was the sound of many waters. It was a rushing wind, and waves. And my breath became larger than life.

I began to perceive the glory of the Lord, and became pinned to my bed as light showered about me. My dark room was filled with an effervescence that no words may define except to say it was bliss, brilliance, life. I could utter no thing, except to proclaim, My God, My God, My fine Savor.

No matter what trials and tribulations you endure, no matter what hardships you face, the Lord is near to you. When you supplicate yourself to Him, when you cry out into the night. When you remember to praise and love, He is there. When you thank in good times and bad. When you remember that He is magnificent, the Creator of all things, He is there.

When you remember to give thanks, when you remember to sing praises, you will find refreshment, because, He is there.

You never walk alone, because His footprints are in the sand. And when you least expect it, He shows up. He showers you with grace, with mercy, compassion. Because, He loves you.

It is, as simple as that. I love you. May you be blessed, encouraged, and delighted in the beauty that is your life. No matter what trials or tribulations you face in this day or the next, let us give thanks for His mercy, compassion and grace. May the Lord bless you each and every day.

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